Product Marketing theory is remarkably under-explored. This makes it hard for new product marketers to leverage good models to help them solve common problem sets.

So out of necessity, I’ve built a number of frameworks and tools to help me apply the craft. After leaning on them with colleagues for years, I want to start sharing more broadly. My aim is not to be exhaustive but only to add to the conversation where I might have something new to say.

I realized that this content is obnoxiously academic. It’s relevant to an extremely small group of people. So this post will remain pinned here to put a fence around my product marketing writing.

Think of it as a table of contents for my ongoing brain dump on the topic.

On Product Marketing

  • A Functional Model for Product Marketing
  • Functional Model Pillar #1: Context
  • Functional Model Pillar #2: Foundations
  • Functional Model Pillar #3: Go-to-Market
  • Functional Model Pillar #4: Growth
  • Product Marketer Fit
  • The B2B Segmentation Model
  • On Product Messaging
  • Calendar Rhythming
  • On Sales Enablement
  • Measuring Product Marketers
  • Partnering with Product Management

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